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Now, any fair study of Leviticus will quickly dispel these misgivings; for, as we shall see, it simply abounds in spiritual values; it has a living voice to our own day; its revelation of the Divine character is unique; and it is built together according to a clear plan.

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To say that Leviticus is one of the "most New Testament" books of the Old Testament would hardly be an exaggeration, for it foreshadows the Person and work of Christ in a most remarkable and elucidating manner. William Barrick, OT scholar asks - "Why would we want to study a book that dedicates seven chapters to the sacrificial system of ancient Israel and five chapters to details concerning indelicate matters like the emission of a variety of bodily fluids?

" (Introduction to the Book of Leviticus) (See also Arie Leder's article - Leviticus - Reading and Hearing Leviticus - Why Is It Not Preached) Irving Jensen - The book of Leviticus is God’s manual for His people on how to approach Him and live pleasing in His sight.

Obviously, it is not meant just to be read, but to be studied.

It yields little of its treasure to a mere reading; but a reasonable concentration transforms it into one of the most intriguing articles in the Scriptures.

But when we see all of this in light of Christ's provision at Calvary, it becomes both interesting and enlightening." (Insight for Living) Samuel Balentine is surely correct when he says that Leviticus "is perhaps the most neglected of the neglected biblical books.” W.

Graham Scroggie said "Exodus begins with sinners, but Leviticus begins with saints, that is, as to their standing." Collin Hansen - I'm going to take a chance and suggest that delight is not the first word that comes to mind. How many well-intentioned Bible reading plans have crashed and burned in this book filled with detailed descriptions of how Israelites could worship and what they could eat and wear?The Jewish people are wonderful evidence of the result of this latter in their long and vigorous lives. The opening verse affords us the clue to the whole, "The Lord called to Moses and spoke to him from the Tent of Meeting." Leviticus is God speaking to us through the Tabernacle and its meaning. The second verse intimates this, "When any of you brings an offering to the Lord." Notice, He expects each person to bring his or her own gift. The book of Leviticus is God's picture book for the children of Israel to help them in their religious training.Every picture pointed forward to the work of Jesus Christ.At the outset, let us clear away certain discouraging misunderstandings about the book. First, there are those who think it impossible for them so to master all the ritual and symbol in Leviticus as to get much spiritual profit.Second, there are those who suppose that since the Levitical prescriptions have now long passed away, with the Mosaic dispensation, they cannot sustain any living relation to the present day.Without exception, every offering and every feast provides a vivid portrait of Christ, God's sacrificial Lamb, “who takes away the sin of the world” (John ).

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