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This is what brought us to Tucson, to find out more about an astonishing set of events that began one Sunday, when Addie complained to her mother about a pain in her hip.She didn't sleep much that night, woke me up a couple of times asking if she could take a hot bath or have another ibuprofen.

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TONYA RERECICH: I thought, "Well, you know, she's just finishing up softball." She had been to the track meet, you know, all kind of— well, it could have been an injury.

NARRATOR: The next morning, Tonya Rerecich, a nurse for 16 years, took Addie to a local hospital, where they said she had symptoms of a virus.

SEAN ELLIOT: Any patient we put on ECMO has a much higher risk of having additional infections.

NARRATOR: Addie and her mother had entered the post-antibiotic era.

TONYA RERECICH: I asked him what were the odds of her making it, getting well.

To save her life, they put her on a lung bypass machine, called ECMO.

NARRATOR: The staph infection had so damaged her lungs, the doctors had no choice.

The interventions that can save you can also put you at serious risk.

— He had some bugs that they had never seen before.

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