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Confidence, so we are told, is the secret to success in many areas of life.

If you are confident then you will instantly be more attractive to the opposite sex, you will be entrusted with more important roles at work and you will attract opportunities and inspire allegiance.

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To know what kind of body language is likely to make you look more confident, a good place to start is by looking at the body language of those who a competition or otherwise been victorious.

Essentially confident people look slightly upwards as opposed to slightly downward, and they take up more space.

Another aspect of body language that is very important is eye contact.

When talking to someone we often try to avoid eye contact apart from using small glances.

Body Language Next up comes your body language – that is the way that you carry yourself and the way you stand.

This can make a huge difference to the way that others unconsciously perceive your confidence and also to the way you feel about yourself.

Particularly between guys, the belief is that the person to get the ‘last touch’ will come across as the person who is most confident out of that interaction.

So if somebody slaps you on the back and says well done, your job is to scruff their hair and say ‘don’t sweat it, sport’.

And from there the assumption is that they must have a to be so confident and thus are possibly a great ‘catch’.

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