Sex chat ave - Are brooke and ryan from coronation street dating

Rosie tells Ryan that Sophie's friend Sian fancies him.

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Sian collapses, due to a ruptured appendix and recovers with Sophie by her side.

Ryan spots Sian kissing Sophie and feels disgusted.

They have a troubled month as Sophie is going through a hard time.

Sian leaves to go on holiday to Tangiers, resulting in some tension after Sian returns home with plans to move back in with her mother.

Ryan reluctantly agrees and the girls sneak off to a festival together but Sally finds out and insists they stop seeing each other but continue to meet in secret.

Sian comes up with a plan for them to spend time together, choir practice at the church.

Sian joined the cast of Coronation Street alongside Ben Richardson (Lucien Laviscount) in January 2009 as Sophie's schoolmates.

They soon form a new group of teenagers along with Ryan Connor (Ben Thompson).

In the heat of the moment, she also tells people that they are lesbians, as she saw them kiss but kept it to herself.

They reveal to Rosie Webster (Helen Flanagan) that they face homophobia at college.

Fifteen-year-old Sian, from Southport, arrives and starts a relationship with Ryan Connor, but later broke up with him.

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