Weird al dating

And in what way is their particular journey through this tournament bound to get weird?

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Mitrione is a big, though still athletic, heavyweight, plus he’s not as shopworn as some of the others, and he can flat-out hit.

As proof, see his three consecutive knockout wins since signing with Bellator in 2016.

Why he might win: “King Mo” can wrestle, and he can punch.

Fighting heavyweights, even when it means giving up 40 pounds or more, is nothing new to him.

Most likely (weird) result: TKO win in the first round, no-contest due to simultaneous double knockout in the semis. Unless you’re too young, in which case ask your dad. And besides, you guys never talk anymore ever since he left your mom and started dating Sharon.

Why he might win: The ghosts of Saitama, summoned by a dark ritual that may or may not be connected to the sudden disappearance of Jerry Millen, flood through a portal into the world of the living and carry Emelianenko to victory.

He’s fought in openweight tournaments in Japan and won three fights in three days to conquer the 2015 Rizin World Grand Prix.

He’s also been somewhat inconsistent in big fights throughout his career, and his most intense rivalry – opposite fellow tournament participant “Rampage” Jackson – resulted in some of his least exciting fights.

Nelson has one unremarkable Bellator victory since bouncing out of the UFC earlier this year, but in all his years of fighting some of the heaviest hitters in this sport, he’s only been knocked out twice.

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