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Take a look at some of the costumes she's donned to carry out her Gotham crime spree.

Catwoman is often seen in a black cat suit, but that doesn't mean it's the only thing in her wardrobe. She likes feeling pretty, which is why she puts on a pink dress with a tutu skirt from time to time.

Catwoman's attitude hasn't changed much over the years.

She's always been an independent woman who takes what she wants, even if what she has to do to get it isn't entirely legal.

Catwoman has traded blows and, sometimes a few choice words, with Batman and bad guys alike. Here are some of her best quotes from the comics and movies. When she's feeling bad, she just might team up with one of Gotham's most deadly villains.

When she's feeling good, she might do a good deed or two with Batman.

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No matter who she decides to bring with her, she ALWAYS looks good and ALWAYS has an action-packed night.

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