Dating a sikh man

Regarding interfaith marriages, it should be well understood that they may be performed by two or more ceremonies but such marriages will not be happy ones.Religion is not just a collection of beliefs to be understood but a path of life one decides to follow.I am a Sikh and like most Sikh men I wear a turban with slight facial hair, and I feel like most women from a non-Indian background are hesitant to talk to me because they do not understand my appearance, or have trouble associating themselves with a man who does not have an average North American look.

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It is the writer’s experience that most of those who look out side the community for a marriage partner have little or no understanding of basic Sikh teachings.

This is not necessarily their fault and much of the blame often lies with parents unable o r unwilling to distinguish between Sikh teachings and sometimes, negative Punjabi culture.

Although Sikh attitudes to other religions is one of respect, the Sikh Gurus reminded us that Sikhi is a distinct path in its own right with unique emphasis on the equality of all human beings and it’s far-sighted teachings on gender equality.

Sikhs are urged to live honestly and work hard to look to the needs of their family and wider society.

Killing a daughter or to give a daughter (in marriage) to a non-Sikh, such a person commits great offence.

Sikh should give his daughter (in marriage) to a Sikh. Giving a daughter to a Bhadni (non-Sikh) is like giving nectar to a snake.

Sikhs see the one God of us all, the Creator of all that exists, as beyond human understanding.

While Abrahamic faiths share our belief in one God, their view of the Almighty is of someone having human attributes of gender, birth, favoritism, jealousy and anger.

Sikhi uniquely rejects asceticism in favour of married life.

This belief is central to the Sikh marriage ceremony in which the bride and groom affirm that they will henceforth be as one in mutual support and service to family and wider society.

I recently read The Game while on my vacation in Europe, which also led me on the path of self improvement.

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