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, early America, early States, had the church been doing its job..., 501(c)3 - authority? , IBT story, make your Yes Yes, "cut muster", SS#, Employer/Employee, Citizens -Still Faint!

- Find a quiet place/time and crank up the volume Changes to website ( New Google maps - maintained by local Contact Ministers, Kingdom of God = right to be ruled by God, "Weightier Matters" - if your preacher doesn't know them, you need a new preacher!

, Altars of Baal, Samuel's warnings, Swine flu shots and Dr. , Mennonite "Insurance", offices of Power or Service?

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First Amendment Radio also has the program available immediatly after broadcast.

In fact, I encourage you to subscribe to First Amendment Radio if you have the resources to do so as they have been so kind to His Holy Church.

Here I make availble to you personally "recorded" copies of the "Keys of the Kingdom" online radio program produced by His Holy Church.

These programs are originally broadcast by First Amendment Radio, and First Amendment Radio reserves exclusive rights to the material for 9 days following the broadcast.

Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality Weekend in Summer Lake, New online subscription form, The Living Network newsletter, Record Keeping vs Registration, turning neighbors into Human Resources, Debt, who Christ was, who is your god?

, HEW and FEMA, loving your neighbor, witchcraft, Sabbath rest, Pharisees and the Sanhedrin, feel-good churches, what is your backup to the current (failing) system?

, Obamacare, the sabbath day, how to get out, the weightier matters - justice, mercy, forgiveness, giving, God's name, what do we do with the network?

, "Don't let go", preaching the Kingdom, more on the Amish, how to save yourself, the audacity of hope.

gods many and their covenants, the lost sheep, where is the kingdom? , Levites, religion, Good Samaritans or Good Babylonians?

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