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Grey's Spring, sometimes called Grey's Well, is a historical site in Kalbarri, Western Australia.It is a stone-lined well dating from after 1848, named after Lieutenant (later Sir) George Grey whose boats were wrecked in the surf of Gantheaume Bay on 1 April 1839, during his second disastrous exploration expedition along the Western Australian coast.

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In 2006, researchers unearthed a well dating from the early 17th century, and are now beginning to sort through its contents, including food waste dumped into it after the well fell out of use.

Keep up with this story and more By sorting and grouping animal bones found there, the archaeologists hope to discover new information about the way the colonists lived during the 1610s, in which period they believe the well was constructed.“Hopefully we’ll be able to use this information to fill in an important missing piece of the puzzle of Jamestown’s History, which is what is going on in the sixteen-teens,” Jamestown Rediscovery Assistant Curator Hayden Bassett told the .

The musical lineup was a crafted experience in its own right, including performances by indie darling Kilo Kish, Will Sheff’s folk outfit Okkervil River and classic indie rockers Guided By Voices.

In summary, we were thrilled to be a part of this new event where we could use our Beer Buddies Booth to help people come together—even if it did involve some liquid courage.

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