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That respect has trickled down to his peers in the world of sports entertainment.

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"Just think the first time you step in the Octagon, there's something special you've got to deal with getting in there.

For Punk, this sounds really weird, but now he knows what a beating feels like a real beating." At 39 years old, Punk has a small window for a successful career in MMA.

CM Punk's UFC debut in at UFC 203 in September 2016 didn't go exactly has he planned, as he took a one-sided beating from Mickey Gall en route to losing by first-round submission.

But Punk has continued training in hopes of improving, and his head coach said he's more motivated than ever to put on a better performance.

On episode 54 of Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback shared his thoughts on Sexy Star allegedly attempting to break Rosemary's arm.

Also, Ryback talked about his brief run using an MMA-style ground and pound in his offensive arsenal.On the subject of Sexy Star supposedly trying to break Rosemary's arm, Ryback joked that Sexy Star's future opponents will not have to worry about the Lucha Underground performer shooting on them because she cannot be very good if she could not even break 'The Demon Assassin''s arm."f--k, she must not've been very good at the hold if she couldn't break [Rosemary's arm] if that's a real thing." Ryback said, "the good news in all of this is that she doesn't know how to break your f--king arm, so you don't really have to worry about [it]!But Ryback, whose real name is Ryan Reeves, said it has no influence on him wanting to see Punk do well in the UFC."From a basic human being standpoint, he is showing courage doing something the majority of people on this planet will never do and that is step in a cage and fight in front of millions of people," Reeves told "I respect he wants to test himself and has the courage to do so.Punk, who had never fought a Mixed Martial Arts fight in his life, was thoroughly dominated in his debut.

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